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Which is better, PVC lay flat hose or PU lay flat hose?


PVC and PU are both polyvinyl chloride (one kind of plastic), but the manufacturing process of these two products is different. In the process of manufacturing PVC leather, the plastic particles should be hot-melted and stirred into paste, coated uniformly on the T/C knitted fabric base according to the specified thickness, and then foamed in the foaming furnace to make it have the flexibility to adapt to the production of various products and different requirements. At the same time, the surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polishing, polishing and polishing) should be carried out, mainly in accordance with the requirements. Specific product requirements. PU leather is more complex than PVC leather in manufacturing process. Because PU base cloth is canvas PU material with good tensile strength, besides being coated on the top of the base cloth, it can also contain the base cloth in the middle, so that the appearance of the base cloth can not be seen. PU leather has better physical properties than PVC leather. It has good flexibility, flexibility, tensile strength and air permeability (no PVC). The pattern of PVC leather is made by hot pressing with steel pattern rolls; the pattern of PU leather is made by hot pressing a pattern paper on the surface of semi-finished leather, waiting for cooling down, then separating the paper leather and doing surface treatment. The price of PU leather is more than twice that of PVC leather. The price of PU leather with special requirements is 2-3 times higher than that of PVC leather. In general, the pattern paper needed for PU leather can only be used 4-5 times and scrapped; the use cycle of pattern roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather. There are also some differences in the scope of application of these two materials. In footwear, PVC leather is mostly used in lining or non-weight-bearing parts, or in making children’s shoes; PU leather can be used in footwear fabrics or weight-bearing parts. In bagging, PVC leather is more suitable. This is because the items in the bag are different from the feet in the shoes and do not emit heat; they do not have to bear personal weight. The difference between PU and PVC is relatively easy. From the corner, the base cloth of PU is much thicker than that of PVC. The handle of PVC is also different. The handle of PU is softer; the handle of PU is harder; the taste of PVC is much lighter than that of PU. The conclusion is that PVC is good.
PVC lay flat hose

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