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Introduction of PVC lay flat hose


Pvc lay flat hose may not be well understood by many people, but when it comes to lay flat hose for irrigating ground and water distribution pipes, I believe many people understand that, in fact, PVC lay flat hose is a kind of belt made of high-definition polyester filament and then closely synthesized with high-quality PVC lining. Speaking of this, I believe that fighting has a concept. Now let’s give a brief introduction of pvclay flat hose from all aspects.
1. What is PVC in PVC lay flat hose?
PVC is a kind of lay flat hose lining material, you may have seen PVC lining lay flat hose people will say that PVC lay flat hose is not rubber lay flat hose! In fact, PVC is not rubber, it should belong to plastic. We all know that plastics are generally hard and rubber is soft, but this is not absolute, such as PVC soft rubber is soft.
2. The difference between PVC lay flat hose and rubber lay flat hose
Although PVC lay flat hose itself looks like rubber lay flat hose, it is not rubber lay flat hose in essence. Rubber is divided into styrene-butadiene rubber, natural rubber, silicone rubber, cis-butadiene rubber and so on, nearly 20 kinds. But obviously, PVC does not belong to any of them.
3. Composition characteristics and application of PVC
The main component of PVC is that polyvinyl chloride is not rubber. Lay flat hose made of PVC lining is called lay flat hose of PVC lining. Its characteristics are non-toxic, odorless, high pressure and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for farmland irrigation, sewage drainage and waterlogging, urban water conveyance, etc.
Now you have a better understanding of PVC lay flat hose. PVC lay flat hose is used for self-love agricultural irrigation. Here we remind you to buy lay flat hose from regular manufacturers to buy quality services.
 PVC lay flat hose

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