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Frequently Question:
1.What is your MOQ (minimum order quantity)?
Our MOQ is 3 tons in weight. Please tell us which size and what hose you need, we will calculate into meters for you.
If you can not order to 3 tons, that is OK. Just tell us, we will check what should we do to reduce the cost.
2.What is the delivery time?
Normally 15 days. We are glad that you can tell us more information about what you need. Then check the date of manufacturing in factory.
3.What is your Port of Loading?
Our port is Qingdao port in Shandong province, China. If you ask other port in China, it is also OK. But the freight cost on land will be expensive.
4.What is the payment term you use?
Mainly we use T/T or  L/C at sight. Other payment term such as Western Union and PayPal. More payment term please let us know.
5.What should I do before inquiry?
To a better communication, we suggest you to tell us the hose name, inside diameter, outside diameter, work pressure, length and more other information as much as you can. After knowing these information, we can give you a good price.
Technology Question
1.What is the working pressure(W.P.) and burst pressure(B.P.)?
Working pressure is the pressure you can operate with for a given specific type of hose. The burst pressure is usually, depending on material, usually 3 to 4 times the working pressure and is the amount of pressure a hose would be able to withstand if there were a pressure surge on the air line. Both the working pressure and burst pressure are given at  specific temperatures.
a), Suggest that the hose be used within its recommended temperature and pressure range. Consult with the company when it is necessary.
b),  A hose expands and contracts according to the change of its internal pressure and temperature. Cut the hose slightly longer than it is needed.
c), When pressurizing, slowly open or close any vales to avoid impact pressure and protect the hose from being damaged.
d), Choose a suitable hose according to the applications and conditions of  the hose when used under minus pressure. Consult with the company when it is necessary.
2.Is there any difference between flexibility and durometer?
Flexibility is a subjective characteristic, impacted not only by durometer but also by the bend radius (which is a function of wall thickness and material properties). In other words, a softer durometer does not always equate with higher flexibility.
3.How about the bending of your hose?
a), Never use a hose at less than its minimum bend radius, which is fours times of the diameter of the hose. If using a hose at too small bend radius, it may break or short the lifetime of the hose.
b), When transferring powers and particles, enlarge the bending radius as much as possible according to the situation.
c), Do not use a hose at its extreme bend radius when fixing metal fittings.
4.What can be transport in your hose?
Normally for liquid.Use a hose suitable for the fluid it will be carrying, including water, air, oil, powder, poisonous chemicals or other substance and consult with the company when it is necessary.
5.Can you make food grade hose?
Some PVC hoses of the company are not designed  or  manufactured  for  food  line, or  medical applications, nor are they subject to safety resting for this purpose. Therefore our company is unable  to provide any warranty  whatsoever  regarding the suitability or safety of these products for food line or medical applications. Users should choose food grade products when use the hose for food line. Consult with company before using if the products are specially used for medicinal applications, and put into use when get the confirmation of the company.
6. What certification or test reports do you have?
We have good quality hose that meet the standards of many countries, such as ISO, SGS and RoHS, but not all. And of course, we can try our best to satisfy your special requirement, if any.
7. What kind of plasticizer is used in PVC (polyvinyl chloride)?
In PVC, the plasticizer is divided into the main plasticizer, plasticizer and co-plasticizer.
Main plasticizers are the most commonly used phthalates.
The plasticizer is a class of additives that provide flexibility but does not meet the requirements of the basic plasticizer itself.
The other ingredients of the formulation containing the ester functional group are co-plasticizers.
8. How to distinguish the pros and cons of PVC pipe
a) look at the surface finish, and whiteness. The same time as the above-
b) take the sample fall, easy to break the general is high calcium products, of course, to meet your requirements at the right price is possible.
c)take the sample with the edge of the pipe to see if it can crack, or crack after the elongation at break.
9. What are the advantages of PVC hose?
a), beautiful color, bright, smooth and bright surface, is the most decorative fence series of products.
b), do not need paint and maintenance.
c), have enough strength. With a much better strength and toughness than wood, rails and heavy rails are lined with galvanized steel to enhance the special, or coated with special PVC material, so that the balance between the strength of steel and PVC beautiful.
d), easy to install, fast. The use of patented plug-in connector for installation, can greatly improve the installation speed.
e), tough than wood, and more flexible and high impact resistance.
f), on the human and animal harmless, even if there is no intention to touch the fence will not like steel, iron fence as wounding.
d), long service life PVC fence to ensure the service life of more than 15 years. As a result of the use of special formula and special anti-UV absorber, it will not fade, yellow, peeling, decay, cracking, blistering, and insects.
h), because there is no need to maintain, eliminating the maintenance and management of the trouble and make the overall cost lower than the wood and steel fence.
i), PVC profile energy consumption is only 1/14 of steel, so it is a green energy-saving products. PVC fence commonly used colors are white, gray, wood, dark blue and pink. PVC fence variety, not only can do a variety of places and traffic fence, but also for tables and chairs, pavilions and flower rack, the user can choose according to their own preferences.
1.What product can you offer?
We can offer you PVC hose and rubber hose, and some machines that produce hose, also plastic plywood. You can view our ‘Product’ or catalog for a look.
2.Can I use your hose for breathing under water?
No.  Breathing under water requires certification that we do not offer.
3.Is your hose flexible?
Yes. We mainly make flexible hose, not rigid pipe. The ID,OD and wall thickness will impact flexibility, kink, resistance, and clarity. Considering most of our hose is flexible, the best way to fully understand the difference in flexibility and kink resistance is to compare samples.
4. Do you have a sterilization process for your tubing?
Our products are industrial grade products and we do not have a sterilization process. We have no food grade certifications.
5.Do you extrude silicone?
No. We do not have the ability to extrude silicone. But if you need large quantity,we can help you to find this product.
6.What is the application of PVC lay flat hose?
PVC lay flat hose is normally used for water delivery. So it can be agriculture and forestry use.  Of course it can be used water discharge in industry and construction area. Widely are used to water crops in agriculture for drip irrigations. Hoses are usually made from many different materials. Applications mostly use nylon, polyurethane, PVC.
7. What is the application of PVC fiber strengthen soft hose?
It is usually a flexible tube that can convey water or other liquid. Hoses are typically made of soft plastic, often reinforced with an internal web of fibers. It can suit great work pressure. Our fiber hose color usually transparent ,transparent blue. But if you have other requirements, please let us know.
8. What is the application of PVC steel wire hose?
It is widely used in conveying water, oil and power. To achieve a better pressure resistance, hoses can be reinforced with steel cord. Normal size from 3/4’’ to 4’’.
9. What is the application of PVC garden hose?
It is a flexible tube used to convey water. If you have a garden, great! The hose can be used for watering your garden.  Also the hose can be used as cleaning tools. Our garden hose has good quality. Non-toxic feature can be good to the plants.
10. What is the application of PVC transparent soft hose?
This hose is used for conveying water, oil, gas in normal working condition. Also used in agriculture, industry, shipping industry, building trade and house. Usually has no fiber or steel cords inside to reinforce. The color can be designed as your requirements.
11. What is the application of PVC suction hose?
The hose is used for conveying water, oil, gas under normal working condition. Suitable for conveying power, grain, water and oil. Widely used in construction project, industrial and mining enterprise.
12. What is the application of PVC air hose?
The hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, compressors, engine components, machine service and civil engineering equipments. This hoses can be used in water or other liquid environments or to convey air or other gases.
As the clamps, fittings, nozzles parts, just send us sample pictures. We can put your connections to the hoses in factory.
13.Do you manufacture fire hose?
We mainly make PVC hoses and some rubber hoses. As the fire hose, we can help you to find it in our market if you need large quantity.
14.What is your standard packing of PVC lay flat hose?
Our standard packing is transparent film packing with a paper on it. These is the information of hose on the paper. Then use the role to tie the hose up. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
15. What is your standard packing of PVC fiber strengthen soft hose?
Transparent film packing. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
16. What is your standard packing of PVC steel wire hose?
We use polyurethane knitted cloth to wrap the hose in roll. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
17. What is your standard packing of PVC transparent soft hose?
Transparent film packing. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
18. What is your standard packing of PVC garden hose?
Our transparent film packing is free of charge. We also have color paper packing. The packing of garden hose are varied from customers requirements. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
19. What is your standard packing of PVC air hose?
Transparent film packing. Also can be put into cartons.Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
20. What is your standard packing of PVC suction hose?
Like the packing of PVC steel wire hose. Polyurethane knitted cloth to wrap the hose in roll. Please contact us ,we can send you sample pictures. If you need other packing ways, please tell us.
21. Can you produce the fittings?
Goldsione company focus on PVC hose, Rubber hose. We can also produce hose set in factory, and any special needs, please let us know. Tell us about the fittings you need. We can sell fittings alone, or put fittings on your hose.
22. To what domain does the PVC gas hose fit?
PVC gas hose functions in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, compressor, engine components, machine service and civil engineering equipments.
23.Can you give me a description of your products?
We mainly manufacture PVC hose such as PVC lay flat hose, PVC Fiber strengthen soft hose, PVC steel wire hose, PVC garden hose, PVC air hose, PVC transparent soft hose and PVC suction hose. Also we can supply some rubber hoses.
As the PVC hose, it various from the usage.  Despite the hoses above, we also have airoflex hose, PVC high pressure hose, power hose, reinforced spray hose, water garden hose, zebra pipe, vacuum PVC hose, PVC twin welding hose, yellow spray hose, gas hose, low temperature air hose. Maybe the name is different, please tell us more about the hose you need. We would like to check if our hose can meet your standard.
24.Can I ask for colorful line on the hose?
Yes. The hoses with colorful lines are very beautiful. Usually we can add single line, double lines or three lines on  the hose. Whether you want it or not,it is up to you.
25.Can I ask for multi layers hose?
Yes, you can. We have 3 layers,4 layers and 5 layers hose to sell. Such as PVC Spray hose, we can make it 5 layers. The more layers it has, the more pressure it will be. And as the garden hose, it is also very popular to make it 4 layers or 5 layers. Please contact us for more details.
26.How many kinds hose including in your PVC spray hose?
PVC spray hose and PVC garden hose are two main hose that we sell. As the PVC spray hose, we have PVC agriculture spray hose, PVC welding hose, PVC air hose and PVC gas hose, four large products in our list.
Despite these four hoses above, we also have flexible PVC air hose, PVC compressor hose, LPG hose, double reinforced PVC spray hose, PVC power hose, wire air hose, cold temperature PVC air hose, high pressure chemical spray hose, heavy duty PVC spray hose and so on. Welcome to inquiry us for more information!
27.How many kinds hose including in your PVC garden hose?
Garden hoses are another hot sell hoses in the world market. We have P, R, N, S four degrees hose to sell.
P-Promotion Garden Hose, normally black inside and green outside.
R-Recommend garden hose , white inside and any color outside.
N-Non-twist garden hose, crocheting garden hose, can be no-twist and anti-fold.
S-Superior garden hose, high quality type. Four layers/ Five layers can be chosen.
Above are what we sell, you can tell us more information about what you need. We also have PVC light duty garden hose, multipurpose reinforced hose, garden reinforced hose, stripes PVC colorful hose, PVC knitted garden hose, flexible PVC garden hose, water hose, PVC washing hose, colorful garden hose to sell.
1.Are you a trading company or factory?
We are a factory. We can manufacture products as your requirements. And we have trading department for your service.
2.Where is your factory?
Our factory is located in Changle Town, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China.
3. Are OEM available?
Yes! OEM is available. We can print customer’s brand on hose wall also customer desigation label.
4. What kind of quality does your hose have?
We have industrial degree, normal degree and food degree. The industry degree and normal degree hose are the products which we recommend.
5.How about your price? Is your price competitive?
Yes! Our factory has been in pvc hose filed for ten years, has good experience and strict in control productive process, so cheap in cost. Send us an inquiry, we will offer you best price!
6. Is your hose quality reliable? Should I trust you?
Quality control is our strength and we will do our best to produce high-quality products. You can asked a piece of sample to check our quality.
7.Can I choose you as my supplier for a long time?
Of course. This is a good way for both of us to do business. We are glad to supply you hose with good quality and best price. And we are happy to help you with your business in your market. We can use our good quality and price to help you develop your market in your country.
8.Can I just buy one or two rolls hose from you?
If you just need small quantity of hose, also is welcomed by us. Please contact us ,we will check how to send to you.
9.How can I go to your factory for a visit?
We welcome any customer to visit our factory for long term cooperation. Our factory is located in Changle Town, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China. It is closed to Qingdao Port.
If you are going to visit us, please contact us. We will arrange the best time for you. You can fly to Guangzhou city, Beijing City or Shanghai City in China, then fly to Qingdao, at last take a train to Weifang. We will pick you up at Weifang station.
10.Do you join in Canton Fair?
Yes. We join in Canton fair every year two times. We meet our old customers and new customers there. We take samples on the Canton Fair. If you come Canton Fair, welcome to visit our booth. We can send you samples and talk about he business there. It will be very easy to do the business.
1. Do you off samples?
Yes, samples are available. We offer samples for our customers who would like to test our product quality before committing to any purchase. We can supply a 10-20 cm long hose sample piece free of charge to you. If you order longer samples, please contact us.
2. Do you pay the freight charge for samples?
No. We can send you a piece sample free of charge. But the freight charge will collected by your side. If you need samples, please let us know where to ship the sample and either a freight account number.
3.How can I get the cargo tracking number?
Either using ocean shipment or using air freight, We will deliver the ordered goods to you with quick carrier. Our customer service will track the goods until the goods have arrived at your hands. Please just contact us, the cargo tracking number will be sent to you.
4.Can you make hose as customer requirements? Can you make OEM hose?
Yes, of course. We can make the specification as you need. OEM hose is also available. We can print your brand name on hose.
a). we had a high standard of packing requirement, and can serve you a professional OEM packing service.
b). All our exporting products are packed using standard exporting packages. We are able to make special packages in your size, model, design, you could send us email to submit your requirement.
5.How much of your factory produce capacity?
30 tons in total productions per day.
6. How to resolve when products are found to be faulty?
All our products had past the inspection before packing in my factory. Every batch of products had corresponding production numbers. once there will be a complain, we could response and check it immediately.
7. Definitely speaking, once complain comes out, we handle like this:
a). We request you offer goods dispatch you receive, and other proofs, like goods picture etc;
b). After receipt your goods dispatch, then we will compare with our counter samples recorded from our production dept.
c). After confirmation the quality the same or not, then advice you reasons.
 8. How to solve the quality problem? What can you do if the hose is not what we need?
a).Supplement extra quantity goods in free by sea shipment or in next order;
b). Discount in next order
9. When can I get the quotation?
We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority.
Notes for fixing accessories:
1, Always use the correct size nipple according to the hose.
2, Round the end of a volute fitting as much as possible.
3, When inserting the volute part of a nipple into a hose, apply some oil on the volute part and the hose but never use fire. If the fitting does not go completely into the hose, hest the hose with warm water then insert again.
4, Leave some space when fasten a hose with the nipple to avoid the damage of the hose.
Notes for inspection:
1, Inspect a hose in use regularly.
2, The service life of a hose depends on the characteristics, temperature, fluid speed, pressure and oscillation. When there is something wrong with the hose, stop using and change it into a new one.
Notes for storage:
1, Get rid of any remaining from the hose after use.
2, Store the hose indoor or in a dark, well-ventilated place.
3, Enlarge the packing of the hose as much as possible.
4, Keep the hose at lease one meter away from heat. Keep the hose away from ozone, electric spark.
5, Avoid putting a hose under the perpendicular sunlight and light.
Note for disposal:
1, Hose can give out harmful gas when burned, which can affect environment, so do not incinerate it.
2, Disposition of the product should be in accordance with the law of the local region.
1, Keep the hose away from exposed fire.
2, Never crush the hose by vehicles or heavy items.
3, When cutting PVC spiral steel wire reinforced hose and PVC fiber and steel wire combined hose, note that the exposed steel wire may be harmful.

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