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Cautions for the Use of PVC lay flat hose


Pvc lying down hose usage notes: 1. PVC hose, some products are not completely suitable for food, medical and other industries supporting. Therefore, when used for such equipment supporting, its adaptability and safety can not be guaranteed. When used in food industry, food-grade hose should be selected, such as special for medical field.
Pressure: 1. Suggest to use the company’s hose within the appropriate temperature and marked range, and consult the company if necessary.
2. The hose expands and contracts with the influence of pressure and temperature. Cut the hose into a slightly longer length than the length required before use.
3. When applying pressure, open the valve slowly to avoid damage to the hose caused by impact pressure.
4. in the use of pressure, the use of different changes in the use of conditions, the reasonable selection of hose, the necessary information of the company. Carrier: 1. when the use of hose should pay attention to the carrier (water, air, oil, powder, particles, toxic chemicals and other substances) when necessary consult the company. Bending 1. hose to the minimum turning radius above the condition of use (minimum turning radius::: If the turning radius is too small, the hose will be broken and the service life of the hose will be reduced. 2. When transporting powder and particles, the bending radius of the hose should be enlarged as far as possible according to the site conditions and actual conditions. 3. When matching with metal joints, do not use the hose under extreme bending condition. Others: 1. Do not contact the hose or close to the open fire. 2. Avoid the rolling of hose vehicles. 3. Pay attention to the exposed steel wire at the end of the steel wire reinforced hose and composite hose when cutting. It may cause injury. 2. Assemble 1. Choose the appropriate hose size connector. 2. When installing and matching, dispose the end of the hose into a circle. 3. When fitting the joint into the hose, apply grease on the joint and hose. Do not bake it by fire. If it is not possible. When loaded, available hot water will be heated and then into hose connector. 4. fastening to the amount of leeway to prevent damage to the hose. Three. Regularly check the abnormal 1. hose during use, please be sure to implement a regular inspection system. The 2. hose is the life of the bearing physicochemical properties, body temperature, velocity and pressure. The amplitude frequency effect, found to have abnormal symptoms should be replaced immediately stop.
PVC lay flat hose

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