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Effect of Injection Molding Technology on PVC lay flat hose Quality


PVC hose is made by advanced technology. It has the characteristics of fracture resistance, high pressure resistance and low expansion rate. In order to ensure the normal use of PVC hose, it is better to use PVC hose. The effect of injection molding process on the quality of PVC hose must be clearly understood before it can be laid down.
PVC hose is a commonly used irrigation tool lying flat. The key factor affecting its quality is the injection process. Because the transmittance of PVC hose is high lying flat, the surface quality of products must be strictly required. There must be no defects such as markings, blowhole, whitening, fog halo, black spot, discoloration and poor luster. Therefore, in the whole injection process, the raw materials, equipment and moulds are required. In the design of tools and even products, great attention should be paid to the fact that PVC hose is mostly flat with high melting point and poor fluidity, and the process parameters such as higher temperature, injection pressure and injection speed should be adjusted slightly, so that the injection moulds can be filled without internal stress and the products will be deformed and cracked.
In order to avoid problems in the use of PVC hose in the future, attention should be paid to the preparation of raw materials, requirements for equipment and moulds, injection moulding process and raw material treatment of products, so as to make a better PVC hose flat.

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