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What is the difference between different PVC lay flat hose materials?


Agricultural PVC lay flat hose has been seen in many drainage and transportation operations. Although we have seen it, it is difficult for many people to explain it. It is more troublesome for choosing PVC lay flat hose. After all, only more understanding can make better choice. Today, agricultural PVC lay flat hose will share some common knowledge of PVC lay flat hose with you to let you know more about PV. C lay flat hose.
First, let’s get to know the nomenclature and classification of PVC lay flat hose. Our commonly used PVC lay flat hose, also known as plastic-coated PVC lay flat hose, is now more common in the market, roughly divided into PVC lining, polyurethane lining and synthetic rubber lining, different lining, quality is also different, polyurethane lining of PVC lay flat hose general corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance is stronger. PVC lay flat hose is divided into different models according to its diameter, that is, the diameter of supporting circle, and the bearing capacity. Usually, the size of PVC lay flat hose varies from 1.5 inches (diameter 40 mm) to 8 inches (diameter 200 mm). In terms of its bearing capacity, the pressure of PVC lay flat hose varies from 4 kg to 16 kg, that is to say, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 16. PVC lay flat hose is generally composed of belt and lining. Belt leather is usually made of high-strength polyester filament. It is made of the same material as our car seat belt, so its wear resistance is very good.

PVC lay flat hose PVC lay flat hose

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