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What are the tips for judging the quality of PVC lay flat hose


Know the required caliber pressure, and then say the quality, high quality PVC lay flat hose is the basis of stable and efficient operation, in the PVC lay flat hose Market to judge the quality of PVC lay flat hose often use these tips: see whether the PVC lay flat hose belt is smooth and bright, knitting line is not broken, jump diameter and loose situation; glial lining is soft and smooth; Toxic, odorless, no dry cracking degumming, bending PVC lay flat hose gum will not leave obvious white marks.
The most troublesome thing in transportation and drainage is the leakage of pipe, so the right choice is to choose the matching high-quality PVC lay flat hose. At present, the market chooses high-strength polyester filament and high-quality gum PVC lay flat hose with excellent performance. Of course, don’t forget that the caliber and model pressure of PVC lay flat hose should be adapted.
Secondly, let’s talk about how to choose PVC lay flat hose better and how to choose the matching PVC lay flat hose better. When choosing PVC lay flat hose, we should first choose according to our use scenarios and use requirements. Generally, if flooding irrigation or directly connecting PVC lay flat hose from the wellhead, double-layer PVC lay flat hose can be used, and the price is relatively cheap. If we use sprinkler irrigation equipment, especially large-scale sprinkler irrigation, we need to use thicker and more pressure-bearing PVC lay flat hose, such as type 13 and 16 PVC lay flat hose, which use polyammonia. Ester lining, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance are very good, to ensure that high pressure does not burst pipe, in the process of agricultural irrigation, there will be no leakage of water burst pipe phenomenon, and then we choose the size of PVC lay flat hose according to the size of the outflow wellhead or sprinkler irrigation equipment.

PVC lay flat hose PVC lay flat hose

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