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What should be paid attention to in the assembly of PVC lay flat house?


When using the products of PVC lay flat hose manufacturers, it is necessary to follow the standard system. If there are abnormal signs, it should be stopped immediately for replacement. When assembling the PVC lay flat hose, select the appropriate size of the joint. When installing and using it, handle the end into a circle. When the joint is Inst All into the PVC lay flat hose, apply grease on the joint and the PVC lay flat hose. Do not bake with fire. If it cannot be installed, the it with hot water and then install the joint. When tightening, make sure to leave some room to prevent damage to PVC lay flat hose. During the use of PVC lay flat hose, it is necessary to avoid twisting of P VC lay flat how, otherwise it will rotate under the pressure of water flow after water supply, and it is easy to disconnect in those places where there is an internal buckle type PVC lay flat how interface. After using the PVC lay flat how, the reserves inside the PVC lay flat how shall be removed. Or in a dry and utilized place at least 1m away from the heat source.

PVC lay flat house PVC lay flat house

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