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What are the PVC lay flat hose tubes? What kind of good?


PVC lay flat hose pipes are commonly used as water conveyance and drainage tools in agricultural irrigation. But there are many kinds of PVC lay flat hose pipes in the market. We must know these when we choose them. So what are PVC lay flat hose? What kind of good?
In the market, PVC lay flat hose is made up of braided belt leather and lining gum. It can be classified by process material, working pressure, caliber and so on. According to the process material classification, there are PVC lining PVC lay flat hose, polyurethane lining PVC lay flat hose, synthetic rubber lining PVC lay flat hose and coated PVC lay flat hose. According to the working pressure, there are 4 types, 6 types, 8 types, 10 types, 13 types and 16 types. The corresponding pressure is 0.4 MPa (4 kg), 0.6 MPa (6 kg), 0.8 MPa (8 kg), 1.0 MPa (10 kg), 1.3 MPa (13 kg), 1.6 MPa (16 kg). According to the caliber, there are 1.5 inches (40 mm), 2 inches (50 mm), 2.5 inches (65 mm), 3 inches (80 mm), 4 inches (100 mm), 5 inches (125 mm), 6 inches (150 mm) and 8 inches (200 mm). Generally used in agricultural water conveyance is 2-4 inch diameter PVC lay flat hose. Common process materials are PVC lining, polyurethane lining and coated PVC lay flat hose. Pressure can be purchased according to the pressure of equipment used by oneself. Be careful not to exceed the pressure of PVC lay flat hose or it will cause pipe explosion and leakage.
There is also the agricultural cloth PVC lay flat hose distribution pipe what kind of good, which will inevitably involve the price of the problem, generally buy agricultural canvas PVC lay flat hose price will have some misunderstandings, the following will tell you:
1. blindly compare the price of which PVC lay flat hose to which one, the price is lower, confused by the low price, do not judge the quality and long-term output accuracy of the product;
2. The cost of raw material purchasing and process performance as a professional manufacturer are neglected.
3. The importance of PVC lay flat hose to pressure, wear resistance and aging resistance was neglected.
4. Only care about the supplier to say that he is a manufacturer, never seriously examined whether the supplier really has the production qualification and product quality certification.
Price and quality are inseparable, so-called good PVC lay flat hose must be better quality PVC lay flat hose, the quality of PVC lay flat hose can be referred from the following two points:
From the material aspect: PVC lay flat hose belt leather is woven with high strength polyester filament, which can ensure working pressure, and the service life of polyester filament is relatively long, which can ensure that PVC lay flat hose can still have sufficient pressure bearing capacity after a period of use.
Inspection method: Check whether the PVC lay flat hose belt is smooth and bright, whether there is broken thread, jump path and loose situation. A high-strength filament consisting of multiple filaments can also be used as a way to inspect the quality of braided yarn.
From the production side: will not add inferior materials, will not jerry. Pressure index and wear resistance index are strictly tested before they leave the factory.
Testing methods: Whether the PVC lay flat hose gum is soft, smooth, non-toxic and odorless, whether there are cracks and degumming, bending the PVC lay flat hose or scratching the skin with nails, whether there will be obvious white marks.
 PVC lay flat hose  PVC lay flat hose
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