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Temperature Control of PVC Lay Flat Hose Forming


The temperature of PVC lay flat hose injection mold has a great influence on the filling flow, curing and setting, production efficiency and the shape and size accuracy of plastic parts. So what about the temperature control in injection moulding?
1. Barrel temperature
The temperature of the barrel, the nozzle and the mould should be controlled during the injection molding process. The first two temperatures mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, while the second one mainly affects the flow of plastics. Each kind of plastic has different flowing temperature. The same kind of plastic has different flowing temperature because of its different origin or brand. This is due to the different average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. The plasticizing process of plastic in different types of injection machines is also different, so the selection of barrel temperature is also different.
2. Nozzle temperature
The nozzle temperature is usually slightly lower than the barrel temperature, which is to prevent the possibility of “salivation” in the through nozzle. The nozzle temperature should not be too low, otherwise it will cause the premature solidification of the melt and block the nozzle, or the performance of the product will be affected by the injection of premature solidification into the cavity.
3. Die Temperature
The temperature of PVC lay flat hose die has a great influence on the intrinsic performance and apparent quality of the product. Mold temperature depends on the crystallinity of plastics, the size and structure of products, performance requirements, and other technological conditions (melt temperature, injection speed, injection pressure, injection cycle, etc.).
Besides the influence of temperature on the length of finished products, the glossiness of PVC lay flat hose is also considerably affected. Generally speaking, when the temperature rises, the gloss will be darkened. On the contrary, the glow darkens when the temperature decreases.

PVC lay flat hose PVC lay flat hose

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