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Quality identification of PVC lay flat hose


PVC lay flat hose, which has made outstanding contributions to irrigation construction in agriculture and construction fields, has the advantages of fine texture, beauty and durability. The common problems in its processing and production process should be focused on the following aspects to ensure the quality of PVC lay flat hose in use. PVC lay flat hose should comply with the relevant production regulations of industry standards. PVC lay flat hose billet material is made of 20 large chemical fibre polyester yarns knitted in cylinder. Its thickness must be over 1.5mm, and deviation value is not allowed. The pressure of coated PVC lay flat hose must be above 0.6 mpa, the surface should be smooth and flat, and there should be no defects such as broken wire, drawing warp, loosening warp, inner and outer grooves, deforming pore and coating inclusion. The wall thickness of PVC lay flat hose is uniform, and the addition of aging agent meets the industry standard. The weight of PVC lay flat hose must be guaranteed to be above 0.5kg. The packaging bags must meet the requirements of loading, unloading and handling during transportation. The excellent service life of Plastic-coated PVC lay flat hose can be obtained from all aspects and details of the production process. When consumers choose and purchase, they may also consider carefully from the above standard production and processing. PVC lay flat hose is widely used in farmland irrigation, drip irrigation system, aquaculture production, liquid transportation and so on. It is an important partner of farmers and a good helper in production and life. PVC lay flat hose interface is the main connecting tool between PVC lay flat hose. The interface function of PVC lay flat hose is to connect PVC lay flat hose with pumps and agricultural suppositories.

PVC lay flat hosePVC lay flat hose

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