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PVC lay flat hose materials and characteristics


PVC lay flat hose is commonly used in garden irrigation nowadays, and this hose is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE). Polyvinyl chloride hose, also known as PVC, is commonly used. The PVC lay flat hose is made of PVC resin as raw material, which is extruded with stabilizers, lubricants and so on.

PVC lay flat hose generally has good impact resistance and pressure resistance, and good rigidity. However, the high temperature resistance of PVC lay flat hose is poor, and it will change when the temperature is above 50 C. PVC lay flat hose is a hard tube with strong toughness. The inner and outer walls of PVC pipes should be smooth and flat, without bubbles, cracks, ripples and depressions. The deflection of pipes with 40-200 mm diameter of PVC lay flat hose should not exceed 0.01, and the deviation of wall thickness of pipes with the same cross section should not exceed 0.14. PVC lay flat hose can be divided into light and heavy types according to the use pressure. The length of each tube is generally 4-6M.

In general, in the process of irrigation, the pressure of Plastic-coated PVC lay flat hose varies with the thickness and diameter of pipe wall, generally 0.4-1 Mpa. Now this kind of platic-coated PVC lay flat hose has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life, generally more than 20 years; small weight, easy handling; smooth inner wall, good hydraulic performance, stable water-passing capacity; PVC lay flat hose has certain toughness, and can adapt to smaller uneven settlement and so on.

PVC lay flat hose PVC lay flat hose

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