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Production Points of PVC Lay Flat Hose in Injection Molding


PVC lay flat hose is made of polyester fibers and PVC resin by injection moulding. Its manufacture covers the process of structure design, mould development and injection moulding production. Each link will affect its quality. Then the production points of water belt in injection moulding are as follows:
1. Material needs to be dried before processing. The drying temperature should not be too high about 50-70 degrees. Of course, if the material is well preserved, it can also be non-drying.
2. Controlling processing temperature, including nozzle temperature, is a key link in processing PVC. If it is not well controlled, it will be difficult to produce good products, especially white ones.
3. The die runner is wider and thicker than the ordinary runner, and the gate is larger. The main reason is that the fluidity of PVC is poor.
4. Injection should be carried out at high pressure and low speed to avoid melt burning or blackening in the cavity under high speed and high pressure. The exhaust of the mould should be as good as possible.
5. The cooling of PVC is relatively slow, so the cooling time will be longer, especially for thick-walled parts. Therefore, the residence time of melt in the barrel should be controlled well. Therefore, the delayed melt should be selected, that is, the melt should be carried out within 10 or 20 seconds before the opening of the mould.
In fact, the whole process of PVC lay flat hose from design, die opening, debugging, production and post-treatment is interlocking. Only by paying attention to the combination of reasonable structure and appearance design, accurate die, reasonable process debugging, stable production and exquisite post-treatment can a beautiful and durable water belt be produced.

PVC Lay Flat Hose PVC Lay Flat Hose

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