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Points for Attention in Use of High Pressure Sprinkler Irrigation PVC Lay Flat hose at Low Temperature


After winter, the precipitation is on the low side, and the necessary irrigation for crops is still indispensable. What should we pay attention to in the use of high-pressure sprinkler irrigation PVC lay flat hose in cold winter? Usually we will encounter this situation, PVC lay flat hose with several times at low temperature becomes very hard, can not be restored, and some even use, there are leaks and bursts. This is decided by the material of PVC lay flat hose. It is recommended that you choose polyurethane lining PVC lay flat hose. This material has super cold resistance and low temperature resistance. It is still soft in the low temperature of minus 40 degrees. It can effectively ensure that high-pressure PVC lay flat hose will not burst in use. When PVC lay flat hose is used at low temperature, in order to prevent the freezing of PVC lay flat hose, the machine should run slowly and maintain a small water output. When the temperature is high around noon, irrigation should be chosen as far as possible. After use, clean the water inside. For the frozen PVC lay flat hose, melt it first, then rinse and dry it, roll up the single layer, and put it on the PVC lay flat hose rack or reel. Turn it over several times a year and fold it several times in exchange. PVC lay flat hose reminds you that choosing good quality PVC lay flat hose can greatly improve water-saving irrigation efficiency, prolong the life of PVC lay flat hose and reduce irrigation costs.

PVC Lay Flat hose PVC Lay Flat hose

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