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Is the toughness, strength and compressive strength of PVC lay flat hose good?


In addition to the frost resistance, the toughness and compressive strength of PVC lay flat hose is also the key to ensure the normal operation of PVC lay flat hose. These performances of the hose are mainly reflected in the selection of PVC lay flat hose braided yarn. In the market of PVC lay flat hose, the performance of PVC lay flat hose using high strength polyester filament is good. The so-called high-strength polyester filament yarn is a kind of yarn which is made of yarn with a length of more than 1000 meters, and filaments are wound into groups. It is characterized by high strength, nearly twice as high as cotton and three times as high as wool, which makes the fabric strong and durable, and has strong heat resistance, good elasticity and wear resistance. This kind of braided yarn is often used in the production of automobile seat belts and its thermal strength can be imagined. One thing to remind you: PVC lay flat hose belt with high quality and high strength yarn is not broken, jump and loose. The quality of PVC lay flat hose can also be checked by checking the composition of braided yarn with multiple filaments of high strength yarn.
With all that said, if you want PVC lay flat hose to be frozen-resistant and durable during the freezing week, you have to use high-strength polyester filament as the knitting thread of PVC PVC lay flat hose or better polyurethane PVC lay flat hose. Now let’s look at your PVC lay flat hose frozen-resistant? Know what kind of PVC lay flat hose is frozen resistant.

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