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Effect of High Strength Polyester Filament on the Usage Time of PVC Lay Flat Hose


In general, the high strength polyester filament is the better performance of PVC lay flat hose knitting line. High-strength polyester filament yarn is a kind of yarn which is made of yarn with length of more than 1000 meters, and filaments are wound into groups. It is characterized by high strength, nearly twice as high as cotton and three times as high as wool, which makes the fabric strong and durable, and has strong heat resistance, good elasticity and wear resistance.
PVC lay flat hose with better gum has a longer time to use. High quality gum depends on the choice of raw materials and whether it is produced according to the proportion. The PVC lay flat hose belt made of high quality gum is smooth and bright, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and without dry cracking and bending. In the production of PVC lay flat hose, there are two processes: one-time forming and two-time forming. The one-time forming process guarantees the high quality of raw materials and the strict ratio of raw materials to some extent.
Finally, we choose high-quality PVC lay flat hose and have the right way to use it to make PVC lay flat hose last longer. Usually there are the following points:
PVC lay flat hose shall not work beyond pressure to prevent water leakage from bursting.
PVC lay flat hose laying smooth without wrinkles and twists, laying to avoid sharp objects, cross-section for protection;
PVC lay flat hose 4 inch used to clean, dry, roll up and put away, storage should be far away from heat sources and acid and alkaline items.
Now you know which kind of PVC lay flat hose has a long wear-resistant life, that is, PVC lay flat hose formed by high-strength polyester filament and high-quality gum at one time. This kind of PVC lay flat hose has a longer wear-resistant life.

PVC lay flat hose PVC lay flat hose

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