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Accessories for PVC lay flat hose


PVC lay flat hose is not used alone. PVC lay flat hose needs to be used with some accessories. PVC lay flat hose accessories mainly include water belt hook, water divider, water belt interface, water belt cloth bag. Now let’s get to know more about it.
1. PVC lay flat hose often needs to be laid vertically to the high place in irrigation. Then it needs to hang PVC lay flat hose on ladder or other objects by water belt hook to reduce the falling force of water belt.
2. The utility of water divider has two points: one is to divide two or more streams of water by one stream; the other is to use water divider as a switch, which can open or close the water flow from the water line without needing to switch at the water pump, so as to shorten the time needed to open and close the water flow and ensure the water supply in the fire field in time.
3. The interface mainly plays the role of connecting water belts. Sometimes the water source is far from the irrigation site, and one water belt can not reach its destination. At this time, two water belts are connected by the interface. In addition, the interface is also an accessory for connecting irrigation tools such as sprinklers.
4. Water belt wrapping is an important cooperator. It is often used to wrap the leak of PVC lay flat hose. It can not only remedy the leak attached to water, but also realize the purpose of water saving.
Through the use of water belt fittings, PVC lay flat hose can better achieve the effect of saving water and land, saving energy, increasing production, saving costs and convenient and practical. These are several kinds of PVC lay flat hose accessories, I hope to help you.

PVC lay flat hosePVC lay flat hose

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