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Effect of Sprinkler Irrigation of Peanut with PVC Lay Flat Hose?


1.Increasing ground temperature is beneficial to peanut growth. Peanut is a thermophilic crop, which is sensitive to temperature. High temperature at all growth stages is beneficial to the growth and development of peanut. Especially in the early growth stage, sprinkler irrigation has little effect on ground temperature. According to the experiment, the average ground temperature of sprinkler irrigation is 1-2 C higher than that of flooding irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation in the later stage has less cooling, which is beneficial to the development and expansion of pods, and therefore can effectively increase the yield.
2. Sprinkler irrigation improves the physical condition of soil and is conducive to underground seed-bearing crops. PVC Lay Flat Hose said that peanuts are underground fruitful crops, requiring a loose soil structure. Sprinkler irrigation can better solve this problem. According to the determination, the change of soil bulk density before and after sprinkler irrigation is very small. Soil aggregate structure was lightly destroyed and soil was loose. It has good air permeability and is conducive to the expansion of pods. However, the bulk density of overflowing Irrigation Soil varies greatly, which is easy to cause soil compaction.
3. The emergence rate of peanut is one of the important factors affecting the yield. Soil moisture is an important factor affecting the emergence rate during the normal sowing period. In the emergence period of peanut, the soil water holding capacity should be 60%~70%. However, many years can not meet the requirements of Peanut Seed Germination and seedling, so PVC Lay Flat Hose is used. Sprinkler irrigation is beneficial to the whole seedling. The spray-induced seedling water was 2.5 days earlier than the untreated seedling water, the average time of drought was 3.5 days, and the seedling emergence rate was 1.2% higher.
Effect of Sprinkler Irrigation of Peanut with PVC Lay Flat Hose Effect of Sprinkler Irrigation of Peanut with PVC Lay Flat Hose

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