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Daily maintenance of PVC lay flat hose?


In addition to the daily use process, PVC lay flat hose needs careful management for its daily maintenance, use, storage and repair. What aspects should it start with? Now let’s get to know it.
1. In terms of usage, we should avoid sudden twists and turns when laying, drag on the ground forcibly after filling water, and avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid and alkali; in areas where there may be flame or strong radiation heat, we should use cotton or linen PVC lay flat hose; in laying PVC lay flat hose when climbing high, we should use P lay flat hose. VC lay flat hose hook; when passing through the railway, it should pass under the rails, and when passing through the road, it should be padded with PVC lay flat hose guard bridge; prevent PVC lay flat hose from contacting with hard objects with edges and corners; when breaking down buildings, it should not throw wooden boards, steel pieces and other articles on PVC lay flat hose; after using up PVC lay flat hose, it should be cleaned. PVC lay flat hose lining should be used for laying PVC lay flat hose outside buildings in cold areas.
2. For storage, special storage places or storage rooms should be set up. For long-term storage of spare PVC lay flat hose, suitable temperature and ventilation should be selected for storage. PVC lay flat hose should be rolled up and placed on the PVC lay flat hose shelf, turning over twice a year or exchanging folds once a year. PVC lay flat hose on board should avoid friction with each other and exchange folds when necessary.
3. In terms of management, it is necessary to implement the management of special personnel, classify according to quality, compile books by number, and timely grasp the quality and use of PVC lay flat hose. Establish and improve the maintenance system of PVC lay flat hose, and regularly educate the whole staff to abide by it consciously.
4. In repairing, when loopholes are found in use, wrap them up in time to avoid the enlargement of small holes, mark them and repair them in time after use. Usually, it should be checked regularly, damaged and repaired in time.
PVC lay flat hose should not be placed outside for a long time in the sun and rain. It should not be placed near the heat source to prevent aging, corrosion and viscous substance pollution. The storage address should be suitable for temperature and excellent ventilation. PVC lay flat hose should be rolled up in a single layer and rolled up several times a year on the PVC lay flat hose rack or reel. The exchange folds several times, along with the car PVC lay flat hose, should prevent each other from conflicting, if necessary, exchange folds.

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